A Candle stands alone

A candle stands alone, vigilant at keeping the darkness at bay. There is a small hope a spark of love that is shining through for you to see. Don’t work on the darkness but cast it away with all of your might. Work on reaching that candle the one that stands alone.

Grasp it and never let it go, let its warmth sooth your troubled soul. Let the light from it blind you and help you banish the darkness from you. This candle stands alone, it is yours to keep, never lose hope.

It’s a whisper of hope, a cry of victory that will give you peace. Let the peacefulness of its stillness sooth our anguish and pain. A candle stands alone, through all the darkness around it, it stands vigilant to its role.

This candle stands alone, its yours to keep. Let it help you, sooth you and give you the strength you need.
Until Next time,

Liza K

You are my Hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become…

You are the one I look up to and I see the image of what I want to become. You have lived a hard life, battling family, strangers, hunger, pain and discrimination. That didn’t stop you from fighting back, to stand up to what you believe in. Protecting the young, standing in front of someone that cannot fight back.

You are my hero, the one I look up to the imagine of what I want to become. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know how to be a decent human being. Your leadership is an example many should try to implement, it is horrigying how many opt for hatered and division. You though, you stand alone even though your surrounded. 

You are my hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become. Even though some fights you fell you managed to get back up and keep fighting. Even though your spirit would falter you wouldn’t let it break. You knew that fighting for good could get you killed, banned, and mocked. You stand here tall with pride and with unwavering faith.

You are my hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become. I have just started my life but seeing your example I try to follow your footsteps. I am proud to be called one of your one, to stand against evil and to be a warrior of God. Many will falter, will change their convictions and run to become the weak. 

I give you my word of honor that I will not falter, I have been tested and there will be more. I will stand as tall as the sky and wide as the oceans. I will be unrelenting, I will be the force that protects the weak, the victims and yes even the cowards. I will forever be the warrior of God as I have always been and if my life is forfieted then I will relenquish it if I know that the innocent are protected.

We are a few but we are a force that will not let hate or evil keep winning. This is my revolution this is my war I will stand and fight,, I will stand as my hero before me did.

You are my hero, the one I look up to the image of what I want to become.
Until Next Time,


Why Do You Love Me?

Why do you love me?

Why have you shown me this beautiful feeling

I yearn to be love only by you
Do you realize I’m head ocer heels for you

Do you know that you own my beating heart

I put my trust into your hands

Love me as I love you
Your tender touch makes me ache for more

Your lips make me quiver in need

Why do you love me

Do you realize you have brought me to my knees
I am yours to do as you will

I am your toy to play with

I am your forever


Our Pleasure

leaning over I kiss you softly nibbling on your thick lips

I press closer to your soft warm skin and feel the deire spread throughout my body

I can smell your sweet aroma and I need to lick your glistening body
Hearing your soft moan I know your pleasure is being met

Seeing you move urgently wanting release I slow our bodies 

I want to feel this desire, this urge of pleasure to last a lifetime
Your body, your touch, your smell

An addiction that I can’t live without

Oh how I yearn for the night to come
How I yearn for us to go to our pleasure palace

How I yearn for us to become one

I yearn for you, for your never ending love

Without You, I’m Nothing

I will follow you

I have faith in you

I Love you

I can see all the beauty that is you
When others mock you

When others dis-respect you

I stand tall and fight for you

You are the light that shines around me and in me

Without you I couldn’t survive
You give me peace

You give me joy

You give me hope

You grant me redeption

If I only ask and believe
With out you in my life I am empty

I am just flesh and bones with no Soul

I am a carcass with no meaning

Your First Kill…

Steady don’t shake

Breath slowly and relax

Open your eyes and focus

Let everything else drift and black out
Warming up to your touch

It gets heavy as time passes

Make sure you grab it firmly

This is the time you have been waiting for
That is it squeeze slowly

Keep calm and breath slowly

You will know when its time

Slowly squeeze, don’t close your eyes

Your ready, Take it now

Your first Kill

Is it my turn?

I softly hear the whisper

I’m scarred that it might pass me

I hold my breath hoping it will stay

I’ve seen it come and seen it go

Is it for me this time
I see the small light

It is getting brighter and closer

The light is becoming blindly 

I seek refuge in what I know the darkness

I reach and see

A ray of light on my trembling hand
Could it be, will it be

I hold my breath again

I hold still as a stone yet again

A little light, a little whisper

A hope that is coming

And hopefully

Will stay

I ┬áNeed you, I am praying to You

I seek your guidance, I seek to be in your refuge

I beg for forgiveness, I beg for a smother path

I sometimes feel abandon, like my pleas I feel

They go unanswered
You show you are there I refuse to see

You speak to me and I have wanted to stay deaf

You caress me and I pull away from your embrace
I have hope and I know you are there

I fight with myself to keep believeing

I know I walk the path you have written for me
It’s hard to keep you in my heart

I feel pain and I know yours is greater

You have never forsaken me 

But I have forsaken you once to many times
I know your there

I know you haven’t abandoned me

I know I just need to reach with my hand

This fustration, pain and doubt I walk in

Confuses me
In the end I know your there

You havent forsaken me

I will not turn away from you again

I know you have my pain, my confusion, my doubt

I know you feel it more then I
I beg you, I implore to you

Let this pain, confusion and doubt subside

Help me in my darkess hour

I see your light

bright and pure
Thank you

This is My Wave

I’ll ride the wave and hold tight to my life boat

I’ll get jerked around in every direction trying to knock me off

I’ll fight until my last breath to stay on the wave
The wave is bumpy, it becomes a wall of hurdles

I see its weakness, I’ll conqur and come out on top

I’ll ride the wave and hold tight to my life boat
This is my wave, it was made for me

I will never surrender it 

Nor will I forget what we have been through

I caught this wave and its taken me for a ride

Its not through with me, its just started to mold in me
I’ll ride this wave and hold tight to my life boat

The good and the bad with sharks in between

I’m safe, I’m loved, I’ll succeed

This is my wave

 And it was made for me