A Candle stands alone

A candle stands alone, vigilant at keeping the darkness at bay. There is a small hope a spark of love that is shining through for you to see. Don’t work on the darkness but cast it away with all of your might. Work on reaching that candle the one that stands alone.

Grasp it and never let it go, let its warmth sooth your troubled soul. Let the light from it blind you and help you banish the darkness from you. This candle stands alone, it is yours to keep, never lose hope.

It’s a whisper of hope, a cry of victory that will give you peace. Let the peacefulness of its stillness sooth our anguish and pain. A candle stands alone, through all the darkness around it, it stands vigilant to its role.

This candle stands alone, its yours to keep. Let it help you, sooth you and give you the strength you need.
Until Next time,

Liza K

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