Out of touch….

I know it has been a couple of weeks. Hubby is traveling for business and well since I don’t work (meaning have an actual paying job) I go with him.

I love where we are right now, the only thing I hate is that there is sh@ty internet! So I can’t post as regularly and I can’t even do my translation articles!

Even though I can use my phone but let’s face it… I don’t have unlimited data and I can’t connect to their sh@ty wi-fi, so I have to be very peculiar on how I use it.

Not to mention phone reception isn’t the greatest either. The environment is beautiful and breath taking though!

What this means for my blog: unfortunately for the whole month of October I might not be posting that much since I really have to watch my data plan as I said before.

I will do my best to post something on here. I am writing on my IPad and as soon as I get connected to the wi-fi you might be bombarded with a lot of post.

Until Next Time,

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