Searching for….

I’m searching

I’m looking

I can’t stop the urge
It’s in me

I can’t control it

I feel the fire spreading
When will it end

I don’t know

How can I wash it out

I don’t think I want to
I’m searching

I’m looking

For something


An urge I can’t stop

A feeling that I can’t understand
When will this stop

Do I want it to stop

One day I hope

My searching will come

To a final end

I’ve Accomplised my Goal! – Thank You Readers!!


I have met my goal; remember when I posted A new goal for a Muslim Latina blog will you help? I said that I wanted to reached 1,600 views by the end of the year? We did it!! Yes WE DID IT! If it wasn’t for your follows and coming back to read my blog over and over again I would not have reached this goal so soon.

So Thank You dear followers, if it wasn’t for your continued support I wouldn’t have made it this far. My new goal for the end of this year is 1,700 views. Insha’Allah we will get there together.



I will strive to keep giving you post that are interesting, informative or just entertaining. I hope that you keep me in your reader list for many more years to come! For all of you that just recently added me onto your reader list I Thank You also! You all have helped me grow even more.

Until Next Time,


My Writing Break

I’m back! This couple of days I took off was what I needed! I have recharged my batteries and ready to go!

As I have said before I signed up for a website as a freelance writer. Well a couple of weeks ago I did a second article and it got accepted! I filled out my W-9 form and now I am trying to set up a schedule at home in order for me to actually start submitting more articles.

I will still be writing on WP as much as possible. I am planning on writing as a freelance writer for four hours twice a week. If I see that my articles are being accepted  then I might do it more often. I need to have a minimum of ten dollars to ask for a payment. They only pay through Paypal so I’m not sure if Paypal actually charges. Talking to hubby he agrees with my plan.  I’m not trying to get rich here but I am trying to gain more experience as a writer.

They still have not come back with my evaluations on my two articles. They said that they evaluate articles as they come in. As of right now I am at level 3, as soon as they do my evaluations I am hopeful that it gets raised to a level 4 or 5.

Insha’Allah as I keep getting more experience and my levels keep getting higher; then the articles I submit will have a bigger cashflow. I might even go back to school or at least get courses for writers to maybe grow a career from this. As always this is a hobby for me with the dream of becoming a career… 

I look forward in giving you all more creative post in the future. 

Until Next Time,


Shadows ( 1995 – 1999 )

He stands and listen’s
too a sound outside
He sees the shadow
He sees the widow

He stands and listens
He stands in shock
He listen’s and shrieks
With pain and shock

The shadow stands
no emotion no words

The shadow has fire
it has a shape, it moves closer to him

He sees the shadow and listens
he can not move

The widow
old and wrinkled
reaches for him
and him alone

He stands and remembers

That child, lover
The wife

A slow tear rolls off his face as he realizes
The shadow is is darken heart
The sound he hears is his own pained screamed

While holding his wife and child
in his arms

Lifeless ( May 26, 1999 )

You hurt me so much
You changed my life
How can I live now
With this pain in my life

I need love
I need joy
But you took it all away from me
That night that you left long ago

How can you hurt me this way
Can’t you see, you left me defenseless
I needed companionship
I trusted you with my life
In the end you chose to rip it apart

Now I’m sitting here
Thinking in this lonely dark corner

I wish I could demand you to come back to me

Being alone
I now know my life was with you
But you killed me

What can I do now
I’m lifeless
I’m nothing
with out you

Discovering my other half ( Feb 23, 199)

Not knowing where to go
Always walking with blinded eyes
There is no sky, there is no earth
All I know is there something deep inside me
That has bloomed

Discovering the earth
Discovering Passion
Your eyes are so teasing
They ignite fire within my body

Taking a step, tripping over my own feet
You seem so far away, like a cloud
Impossible to reach

All I want is the passion
I feel when you’re around me

That deep blooming feeling I have
has come because of you
I need you in my heart, in my soul
To make this passion I discovered

Go out of control


I remember being
Picked up
I remember being
I remember being
In the arms
Of a loving woman

I remember hearing
You’ll hurt yourself
I remember hearing
Your too young
I remember hearing
Spread your wings
And fly high

These are memories
These are images
These are loving
Being built

Thank you
For giving me
My memories
For giving me
For giving me
I can give
My children

My memories
Your legacy
Will be
Passed down

My First Freelance Writing Article!

Remember that a while back I mentioned how I signed up on a freelance writing website. For the past two weeks I have been messaging them because they needed to verify that I can legally work, and if it was really me.

I actually like that because I know that my privacy and work will be protected. They finally finished the verification and I finally got an email today that they were going to check my sample writing that I submitted.

Of course I do know that I am not the best writer. I am okay but I need a lot of improvement. Well they rate from 1 star (poor) up too a 5 star (good), guess where I landed…. I’m not proud but I will be honest.. I landed on the 3 star… So I definitely need improvement.

The reason they put me at 3 star is because I didn’t put a comma when talking about two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction. So words that I have to look up now because frankly I do not know what they mean.

The good part and I will take it as a good part is that at least that was the only mistake in my sample!! Also, when someone shows you a mistake then it is way easier to correct.

Looking through the ads (jobs) to sign up for, I can only sign up if they are rated a 3 star. To my disappointment there are not a lot of 3 star opportunities. The ones that I did see were about games and I don’t play games! So that sucked.. I did find one about shopping.

About a product that a company is trying to sell. So it was a small 200 word count sample that I had to write. I’m so nervous because this is my FIRST freelance writing job that I submitted for!! I re-read that article about 4 times before hitting that submit button.

So now the client has 3 days to reject or accept my writing sample. After 3 days if the client has done neither then it is automatically accepted and I will get paid.. Now its not like I am making money here but a few bucks is a few bucks right?

So wish me luck and hope that the client accepts my writing sample!

Until Next Time,