Dictionary…. Why aren’t you like Webster!

Okay so here is a little bit of a rant… I’ll try keeping it short..

I know that since the beginning of writing this blog most of you if not all of you have noticed that my writing SUCKS! Yes, I know and I am really sorry.. I stopped writing in what seems like “ages” ago and therefore my vocabulary usage has gone down the drain.

Fortunately though, with this struggle on trying to get my blog up and running and having more followers ( yes I’m not a powerblogger but I do like to have followers… who doesn’t??), I noticed that my writing was lacking good spelling with other grammar issues.

Since then I do hope that I have been getting better. When I was going to college… about a year ago I took my first writing class. I was doing great and I had bought a dictionary. It was not the usual Webster Dictionary (which I used as a child and in the military). This was very different… Well here is where my rant begins!

It sucks! I mean it has a lot of words that naturally I do not know how to spell but really! when I look up a words that I am not sure of (doesn’t mean I don’t know how to spell them… there is a difference), I can’t find it! What the hell! This book cost me close to ten bucks! It should work, right?! I mean I used it in college but unfortunately now that I remember it really didn’t help me.

So now I have to hunt down my go to dictionary Webster! If any of you know of a better dictionary then Webster please let me know…

I am also going to have to invest in a thesaurus.. lets face it… Having repeat words and sounding like a teenager is past now…

Okay so there is my rant… Lets get back to our regular programming..

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “Dictionary…. Why aren’t you like Webster!

  1. I have never thought your writing sucked. Ever. Writing is about the heart and soul. I do know what you mean about dictionaries. You can Google them though and not buy them. Different ones will come up. I don’t know that they are any better. But more variety to choose from and not have to buy. But you never suck Muslim Latina. ❤ -alex

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    1. Thank you for those encouraging words Alex.. Well I guess my confidence is low when it comes to writing… I’m working on it.. I could use the internet but I am the old tradition one… I like having the book in my hands lol… Thanks for the advice and I’m sure I will use it in until I get my book.

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