The mini-vacation we needed

It has been awhile since I posted anything up here…

Well first off I want to say that this huge break I gave myself has worked wonders. For one whole month we were at a different location because hubbies work needed him there. It was a great learning experience for my husband and a great vacation for me.

I didn’t have the greatest internet connection there, but I was able to reflect on many things. I was even able to reflect on what was important to me in life, and what I want in life. Writing is one thing I love doing, I might not do it often but when I do I feel so relax and enjoy it.

I also noticed that being away from WP got me sad. I love seeing my stats go up and I love getting comments from all of you. To have a connection with so many people feels great! I never thought that I actually would like feeling this way.

Coming back home I have had to put my writing in the back burner a bit. The reason is because I had to prepare myself for another getaway with hubby. This getaway wasn’t with family but with my hubbies best friend. In the end this seemed as if we were on a mini-vacation! We went to Vegas, and were able to get into the SEMA Show. We bought two drawings from the SEMA show as well as hubby and his friend surprise me with two bracelets!

It was the best 3 day weekend we have had in such a long time! Hubby literally acted like the kid he was and I had to join him, lol. I loved the fact that I got to know his best friend a bit more. This was an experience that we didn’t have before and I loved the fact that after 5 years of marriage we were able to hang out. One thing I learned from both of them is that they are the most perverted men I have known! But, I enjoyed it though lol..

We both feel re-energized and ready for what ever life has in store for us.

So WP I am back and Inhsha’Allah you will see more post about my writings and thoughts. Shadow Voices is still going strong, the only reason I have not posted anything is because I do not have a computer. I can not use my hubbies so I do apologize for that. Insha’Allah in a couple of months we will be able to purchase my computer and I will start posting new edited chapters.

Until Next TIme,

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