To my Tio Paco, I will Miss You

Today is a sad day… A few hours ago I got a call from my mother. She and dad were at my uncles place…

They got news that my uncle that lives in Guatemala died in his sleep… This is hard for me because I grew up with my Tío Paco. He came to the states when I was young.

I used to get so confused because he would look to me like my father. So I would call him daddy too. He left when I was about 7 years old and I cried my heart out. 

Out of all my uncles he is the one that accepted my mother and my sisters and me without judgment or scorn. He loved us and was our playmate when he was with us.

On Christmas I talked to him telling him he should come back here. If not I would try to go see him so he could meet my husband. We both were excited at the idea, how i haré that we will never get that chance. 

At least I can find comfort that I talked to him and told him that I loved him.

Insha’Allah he doesn’t know any pain and may he be in Paradise with my other uncle, his older brother that I never met.

Tio Paco

Mi amigo

Mi chinito

Mi Budda

Como extraño tu sonrisa 

Tu ternura

Mi tío 

Un ángel 

Que regreso a paraíso 

Volando en el cielo

Tío Paquito

Mi chinito

Te quiero

Te extraño

Pero siempre estarás 

En este corazón


I love you and will miss you. My heart aches but I know your in a better place…

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