The Few That have been Forgotten

Now I have always put on here that we should all be more human. We need to sympathize to other culture and people. If the media protrays something bad to not believe it. I know in life there are good and bad. Just because one individual or group are doing or acting in a negative matter, I push to say that not all of the people from that background are the same.

Why do I say this… Remember these opinions I posted awhile back:

1 – A society of negative events
2 – Its time to act

And other opinion’s I have posted on here when it comes to injustices and judging a group by a few bad seeds.

I was on facebook today and I happened to come across this aritcle that I really liked. It was published online by Washington Post. It talks about how  A few Muslims, decided to join or help the Allied forces in War World II. These were exceptional beings that either got captured or killed by doing what All of us should try to do more oftern. Speak up, help save lives.

This article shows me that there are Muslims out there that are following Allah (SWT), they understand his word and are living it not preaching it. These are woman and men alike, how I wish that the Media would publicize these type of stories more often. I’m not saying that we should try to eliminate all negative media but we should also have a balance. Especially when the world are targeting a religious group and for lack of better words are “crucifying” them because there are no positive views out there.

I know that my little post won’t be read by many and the chances for it to get on the reader or to be reblogged are even less. My opinion only truly matters to me, will it impact the world I doubt it. At least I know that I am doing my best to shine a light on a group and helps that group. Hopefully my whisper will eventually turn into a roar where peoples mindset will start looking at a certain group in a diffrent way.

If you would like to know about thses exceptional Muslims, that made a difference to many Jews (which supposevily Muslims and Jews hate each other), and other innocent people please clisck here. My respect goes out to these Muslims, and their families. They are the true Jihadist, they are the ones that live Allah’s (SWT) word. 

To me this is an example of how not only Muslims should act but how ALL humans should act.
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